prattle-twadle-chatter 1.0

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, December 29, 2015 8:55 AM

The most mind-boggling activity I've always engaged with is trying to figure out what's in one's mind. It is very tiring and a complete waste of time. I am fully aware of the stupidity of my action but I can't help myself. It is just in my nature. 

Once I am preoccupied with a thing, it stays with me till I decided to move on to other things much entertaining. This poses big problem for me as I am kind of paralyzed during this period. I will just keep my focus on that one thing. I was unable to engage with other fun activities (like studying! yeah, right).

The most fearsome thought I've ever had is that actually I am a person with different faces. Although it is true to the core (isn't it a fact that human is of different faces), it is still frightening. It feels as if you are not living as honest as you can be. But that is the essence of being a human. We actually put on different masks every day in our lives accordingly. I always wonder which one is my truest self. 

#the writer is currently contemplating herself.
#please make duaa for the writer so that she can gather herself back.
#the writer dreams of becoming masterful in her writing but she seems to think that everything is going down the drain now, please cheer her up! (lol) *exaggerate much!
#the writer has a knack for making up new nickname for herself, she elegantly dubs herself as autumn kind *smirks prettily*

my day could not get anymore random.

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, December 26, 2015 2:00 AM

Seriously you guys are making me crazy with your antics!
Stop it already.
Hahaha, but still I am patiently waiting for the good news.
Please please please don't disappoint me.

Every week is a torture.
But I guess I am the one responsible for what I am going through.
My skull is that thick that any kind of advice were like air lalu.. (whatever i mean, haha)
Partly because of you guys too, messing with my pretty mind (there you go :P)
This is wrong on so many levels. Knowing the actions and consequences, but decided to unheed the warnings. A very stupid move!
There. I am stupid that way. (bull's eye)
When I get obsessed with a thing, I did stupid move all the time. (Lol)

Today is 'random' day for me!
Let's just be random and act foolish today.
Just for today. (yeah, right! Say it to your palm)

Fully knowing that the only person who can stop you is yourself.
I hope I have enough courage, determination to rise again.
You guys just back off for a week, okay?
Then. we can continue our foolishness! Jyeahhhhh...

#the writer is currently not in her right mind, just play along. hahaha
#the writer is delusional if she thinks that there are actually people (excluding other makhluks) reading her rants and squabbles.
#the writer is in stressful condition because of sudden invasion of her chubby and cute face with acne.
#yeah I know, the writer once again deluding herself thinking that she is chubby. She is cute, though! (hahaha, this is refreshing!)

pasca OT part 2

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, December 19, 2015 11:22 AM


Selesai beli beef pocket, I wonder should I just lepaking saja dekat Costa, tapi rasa malas pula. So I went home.

Nak dijadikan cerita, dekat simpang rumah itu, tiba-tiba ada seekor anak anjing datang menghampiri  dan menyalak dekat aku. Aku pun apa lagi, secara automatik kotak suara aku di'activate'kan. Maka hasilnya, keluarlah suara nyaring. HAHAHA.. 

Aku rasa abang, pakcik arab semua terkejut. Ada kes curi , kes cabul ke hape. Apabila kepala dah tak boleh fikir, maka berterusanlah aku menjerit. Dengan anak anjing itu pun terkejut. Itu pun dia lawan balik. Lagi kuat dia menyalak. In response, lagi kuat aku jerit. 

Alhamdulillah, tiba-tiba ada makcik arab, bawab imarah keluar dari bangunan dan tolong aku halau anjing itu. Diikuti seorang abang arab yang rupanya ada dalam kereta berdekatan pun tolong aku halau anjing itu. *lamanya ambil masa nak tolong saya :(* 
Cepat-cepat aku lari macam tak cukup tanah. HAHAHA. 

That day was  really something. I thought that it could not be any surprise. Sebab apa, itu adalah pengalaman-pengalaman yang berharga. Contohnya, bagi aku, aku tak pernah berimaginasi aku akan dapat pengalaman menjerit. Aku teringin saja nak acah-acah buat macam dalam drama, pergi lari atas bangunan, kemudian menjerit sekuat hati *ohoi, gaya macam orang tak ada iman saja*
Sebab itu bila dapat peluang menjerit, memang I give my all lah menjerit dekat anak anjing itu. Thanks la puppy jadi teman menjerit saya! Hahaha.

To experience all that is awesome. 
To experience sadness, happiness, fear, all in a day was something I could ever dream of. Before, I am quite reserved with my feelings, I tend to bottle down everything, trying to be cool and act unaffected with whatever is happening to me.
But actually, by letting go of my feelings, by acknowledging my fear, making me feel so carefree. *but not that much*

Everyone has these special memories.
Treasure them well.
I want to experience many things in life. Harap saya tidak takut dan tidak malas! Hahaha, masalah terbesar itu.

And because life is very short, live well, do good and kind things to people around you, smile a lot and have faith in God. 
O Allah, guide us in this temporary life. Amin. 

pasca operative talk 2015

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Wednesday, December 16, 2015 4:52 AM


Selesai exam operative talk *that's right, just a fancy name for the usual oral examination* emosi agaklah tidak stabil sampai pergi membawa diri pergi ke Maadi seorang-seorang *alkisahnya tak pernah serajin begitu*.
Menyinggah  Auntie Anne sebentar, gara-gara kepingin nak makan beef pocket. So, boleh bayanglah macam mana rasa hati bila diorang cakap beef pocket tak ada. Lama jugak aku belek-belek menu lain, tiba-tiba dia cakap boleh buatkan pulak. Terubatlah jugak pilu kat hati *banyak tengok korea kau ni*

Honestly, aku boleh kira berapa words yang aku cakap dengan doktor.
A full sentence pun tak lepas kut.
I wonder if this is how you should perform in an oral exam.
Aku rasa kalau pergi interview kerja, orang pun tak mahu ambil kerja! *kenapa exaggerate sangat awak*

But yes that's how I feel. Aku tak adalah totally blank out. I started badly by choosing a wrong kind of question. Galak sangat nak jawab soalan circumcision kan, hambik engkau, ditanyanya soalan luar alam. Padahal soalan dalam alam pun kau terkebil-kebil. Serius aku lupa term smegma padahal dah baca dah pun sebelum ini.

The best thing out of that incident, aku rasa first time kut aku bersenda gurau dengan Professor. The first question aku jawab saja mengikut hafalan aku, then came the second one, which as far as I remember tak ada dalam buku department. Dah terdetik dalam hati mesti dalam andro ini. Ohmaigod, I am doomed. Aku selawat banyak-banyak dalam hati, aku doa supaya Tuhan lembutkan hati Prof. I tried my hardest untuk fikirkan jawapan, in the end aku bantai juga. Itu pun terjegil biji mata Prof dengar jawapan aku, nak bunuh pesakit ke hape budak ini.

 Ada satu question itu, lama sangat aku terdiam, Prof pun tiba-tiba cakap. "This topic is very difficult question, I don't know why you choose it." Aku pun apa lagi kan. Teruslah dengan nada sedih dan ala-ala coy gitu. " I don't know too doctor. I thought the questions would be easy. I thought you are going to ask about the principles of circumcision *sambil tangan aku terhayun-hayun depan Prof. Hahaha. I proceeded by saying, "Can I change the question doctor?" 

And this is seriously the best outcome I could ever want. Doktor tergelak! Dan aku terkesima dalam dua saat. Terus aku pun gelak sekali dengan dia. Eh eh, lagi dia gelak pulak. Hahaha.. serius itu rasa yang sangat indah dan nyaman. Cute sangat doktor bila gelak. He seems kinder when he laughs.

For some people, maybe it's just ordinary thing that could happen to anyone else.
I know.
That is why I am extremely happy because it happened to me.
I like it the most if I could make someone laugh with the way I talk, the way I act.
I sincerely love it. :)
That is why it is very meaningful to me. It is a very precious memory that I don't want to forget. That is why I wrote it here. So I won't forget it. *it is because I have tendency to forget things! like seriously*

And we proceeded by him asking me to choose what question that I want him to ask.
The atmosphere was getting cheerful and not long after that, he finished asking me questions. 

The end for part 1.


today's waffle day.

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Wednesday, December 9, 2015 9:15 AM

Hasil tangkapan hari ini yang tak seberapa sangat.
Yey! Akhirnya, berjaya jugak makan waffle aunty loulou. Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah.
Sedap aje for me.
But mesti everytime pergi, makan topping yang sama saja.
Tak berapa nak gemar mencuba benda2 lain, nak buat macam mana. B)

Bila dah pergi makan banyak2 ini, harapnya boleh recover semangat yang hilang itu 
*acah2 sendu jap*
Lepas ini punya gap tak adalah jauh sangat.
Sabar deh. Kita habiskan sikit aje lagi! Hwaiting3.
And, thanks housemate ajak kita pergi makan.

Masa berbaki kat mesir pun tinggal sedikit.
Mesti akan tersangat rindu dengan bumi Mesir nanti.
Sekarang ini pun selalu sangat aku ter'baling belakang',
duk ingat kenangan waktu first year, second year. Every year lah senang cerita.
Kenangan naik train sekali dengan kambing2 pak arab, travel ke muhafazah,
gaduh dengan pakcik arab, borak dengan ammu basha and the geng,
kenangan kelas dengan Dr Tamer. *genang air mata*.

Oh ye pagi tadi, terkejut bangun tiba2 ada eye floaters!!
I totally freak out. Iyelah, tak pernah-pernah ada benda float in front of you. 
When you tried to catch it, you failed. Tak freak out ke?
Aku spend 30 minit jugak lah nak tangkap benda alah itu.
Bila google pulak, antara risk nya retinal detachment in severe cases. Lagilah aku freak out.
Nasib baik lepas cakap dengan housemate, dia cakap dia pun ada. 
Lega bukan aku seorang. Hahaha.

Normal rupanya ada. Untuk certain people lah. 
Kan ada pulak yang argue, aku tak ada pun. *Aku pok kepala kan.* Hahaha.
Lagipun kami dulu kan short-sighted. Hokey. Tarik nafas lega, ucap alhamdulillah.

Panjang pulak cerita hari ini. ^^
Nanti kita cerita lain pulak.
Haruslah kita pergi membaca buku kan, kata nak grad, buatlah betul2. Arasso!
Till I write more. Annyeong!

tuesday blues

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, December 8, 2015 3:00 PM

Dalam hidup ini tak semua yang kita nak kita pasti dapat.
Sebab itu bukan urusan kita pun in the first place.
Bukan kita penentunya.
Kita nak begitu begini tanpa kita tahu apa itu baik atau buruk pada kita.
Kita merengek, meratap and so on for small matter sahaja pun.
Lupanya kita ini pada hakikat siapa kita.

Tak guna kalau kita hidup 
tapi tak cuba menjadi sebaik, sesolehah, se'humble' manusia yang kita boleh.
Sudah-sudahlah dengan ego, dengki, and so on.
Bestnya bila tengok manusia2 sekeliling yang sangat baik, sangat pemurah dengan kasih sayang, sangat kasih pada teman-teman.
How I wish I am also that unreserved with love.

Hari ini punya mood macam roller coaster.
Tak sangka bila kita heart-to-heart dengan someone, kita discover a new side of ...
And kita amazed sangat sebab kita tak pernah tahu pun dia sangat amazing.
And it does feels like I always took ... for granted.
And kita rasa 'kecil' sangat sebab kita tak sebaik dia.

Rasa lega rupanya bila tak perlu simpan apa-apa dalam hati
bila nak bercerita.
Rasa puas sebab dapat cakap terus apa yang ada dalam hati.
Tak perlu tahan-tahan. Tak perlu fikir dalam-dalam.
It feels like I got nothing to lose by being honest.
And I don't.

Alhamdulillah selesai written exam. Both medicine and surgery. 
Semoga najah semua, ameen ya rabbal alamin.
Sebab mood kita blues sikit ini malam, so ini sahaja lah kita boleh coret.
Kita pun tak adalah gemar berblues-blues ni, mungkin PMS kot. kehkehkeh
Chow lu. Annyeong!


Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Monday, December 7, 2015 2:13 AM

Mana perginya semangat nak study ni?
Asal lemau sangat ni?
Brain shock kot jawab soalan semalam.. 

Nak nanges tapi tak ada air mata  kat tear gland.
Nak vent frustration, tapi tak pandai mencarut
Bukan tak pandai, tak biasa.. haha

Tiap kali balik exam. Besok mesti sakit kepala yang extreme.
Tak boleh tidur. Pagi cramp neck muscle. Ke sebab sejuk?
Nampak tak sekarang ini laju saja menaip, padahal besok ada satu paper lagi.
Genius kan?

Orang lain mesti semua tengah sibuk pulun buku2.
Aku? *geleng kepala sajalah*
Biarlah yang semalam itu berlalu.
Looking forward is the only thing you can do.
You cannot turn back time.
Sama lah jugak sekarang ini sebenarnya kan..
Every passing seconds will not return back to you.

I guess that's the cue.
Smile prettily, you are a flower.
A girl will always be a girl, acts like a girl.

purposenya kali ini adalah sesi luahan.
sesi bercakap kosong dengan diri sendiri. :)

wwolyo forever.

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Friday, December 4, 2015 4:27 AM

Today is not Monday.
And this is supposed to be done on Monday.

"I have decided not to pursue her.
The more you pursue someone,
the further you get from that person.
I think that is Love.
Will you just stay right where you are?"

-- That sweet guy next door --

I admit I am currently on my crazy side.
That's the best piece you've ever said.

Hokey. Buhbye.
Exam belum selesai. 
Marilah kembali ke dunia nyata. 

pi mai pi mai tang tu

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Sunday, August 30, 2015 1:38 AM

I am officially the stupidest person on earth.
What the heck am I doing with this precious gem that I have right now?
And I am wasting it like a fool!

Inilah monolog dalaman aku tiap-tiap hari. Tapi masih begitu juga. Sungguh paling bodoh kan. Paling rugi. Dan segala macam terpaling ada dalam fikiran aku ini.

Soooooo, buat apa membazir masa menaip kat sini pulak ni? Menambah kebodohan diri? 
-_-  Come on lah babe, you are better than this. (percubaan menpsiko diri, entahlah ejaannya macam mana, biaq pi lah..) Aku menaip sekarang ini sebab perasaan aku serabut and I need to get it out of my system right now, so here I am. 

Aku rasa aku boleh kenal pasti patologi penyakit aku sekarang ini. Ini namanya penyakit kemalasan. Tahu tak, once you are away from the books, you'll find it very difficult to get closer to them again. So, this is what happened. Aku rasa macam nak hempuk kepala aku sendiri bila aku tak study. I did feel guilty when I did not for once in a day read them. 

And it did not help that the internet is on 24/7 without rest. Jadi, boleh predict jugak how the outcome kan? So apa resolusi aku sekarang ini? 

Honestly speaking, nothing in mind. 
And honestly speaking jugak, mungkin aku tak banyak berdoa dengan Tuhan.
Tak cukup menjaga hubungan dengan Tuhan aku ini, itu yang banyak sangat hijabnya, itu yang hati kotor semacam, tak tenang-tenang perasaan.
Mungkin sebab dah lama tak usrah. Tak jumpa kakak naqibah.
Oh ye, telefon aku rosak dihantar baiki, jadi memang aku loss contact dengan manusia-manusia yang aku sayang. Besides, dalam whatsapp tu lah, dr Tamer nak berkongsi soalan, gambar2, macam-macam lagilah.

Mungkin benda pertama aku kena buat sekarang adalah menjaga solat. Jaga waktu, tata tertibnya, kekhusyukannya..
Hokey, aku nak choww dulu. Cukup dah kot merapu sebanyak ini untuk hari ini.

Sehingga berjumpa lagi. muahhh.
Bai Mr Blog, i lap u :):):)

Aku & OD

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Sunday, August 23, 2015 4:28 AM

Sesungguhnya proses menurunkan berat badan ini tersangatlah menyakitkan.
Menyakitkan hati aku, akal fikiran dan jiwa raga aku pun turut terseksa. Banyak kali aku kena psiko diorang ini supaya tak tergoda dengan pikatan Mr F ni.

Siapa pulak kan Mr F ni? Uh uh, Bukan Zul Ariffin MAID itu. Kalau yang itu, ... no comment. HEEEE

Hah, meh sini nak bagitau, Mr. F ini memang irresistible, aduhai, lama jugak kami bercinta. HAHAHA.. Mr Food ini memang semua orang tak boleh lari dari godaan dia ini. Dasar playboy! HAHAHA.. layankan ajelah karutan aku ini.

Pleaselah weh. Time makan kau tak ingat dunia. Dah terkumpul lemak-lemak itu memanglah sakit kau nak kasi cair lemak2 itu. Tidak mengapalah, aku akan terus berusaha istiqamah dengan gaya hidup sihat. (Aku cuba hokey, cuba, baca perkataan ini banyak kali, aku cuba!)

Maksudnya hape? Kalau kau tengok aku macam itu jugak, tahulah dikau aku gagal dalam percubaan aku. Atau aku masih dalam percubaan .. HEHEHE..

Aku pun tak tahulah kenapa aku rajin sangat ini.

Yelah, nanti mungkin aku tak ada masa sudah nak membebel kat sini.
Atau aku dah hilang nafsu mahu merapu.

You gotta love your body, babe! 

motto untuk hari ini.
supaya tak depress sangat bila tengok cermin.

Coretan Pagi Indah

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, August 22, 2015 6:03 PM

Assalamualaikum. Selamat pagi semuaaa :)) Pagi yang indah bukan?

What's goin on lah dengan makhluk tercomel ini kan? Pagi-pagi dah putus wayar ke hape.. Hah, jangan gituu. Tak baik melulu bersangka bukan- bukan dengan aku :)

Pagi ini memang indah pun. Begitu energetik aku pagi ini. Selesai menyiapkan budak manja itu untuk ke sekolah, aku pun mula lah senaman pagi aku yang mana aku berazam untuk istiqamah melakukannya. Bukannya hape, stamina kena jaga dari sekarang lah kan babe!

Hingat senang ka nak dapat bentuk badan idaman?! Ini pun aku masih dalam fasa percubaan (dari dulu fasa percubaan aku ini :P). Besides, apa guna aku jadi doktor, kalau aku sendiri pun tak mempraktiskan gaya hidup sihat, bukan? Senaman (aku praktis cardio exercise) bagus untuk menurunkan berat badan, kesihatan jantung, tambah apabila kau berpeluh itu, keluar segala mak nenek toksin dalam badan. Banyak lagi benefitnya, boleh google okay, takkan itu pun nak aku bagitau jugak. Aku pun peng'google' tegar jugak.

Semalam pulak merayap dekat MYDIN dengan my girls; mak aku dan adik2 perempuan aku hokey. Hehehe, aku ini mana lah ada kawan2 perempuan rapat kat malaysia (aku duduk jauh jugak dari bandar) nak dibawa atau mengajak aku untuk pergi merayap jalan-jalan malam ini. Lagipun aku berat punggung je kalau diajak pergi berjalan. Bukan saja-saja, tapi menjadi perempuan ini tau-taulah kan, nak cari baju yang sesuai, nak matching dengan tudung lagi, nak kena gosok lagi baju kalau yang berkedut itu.. malas tau tak malas. Okay, dah official semua orang tau aku adalah seorang yang pemalas. (tapi tak lah selalu, kan jatuh imej aku, takde orang nak masuk meminang aku.. HAHAHA)

Mak aku dah sibuk-sibuk suruh aku cari calon menantu. Naik pening aku (tipoooo aje.. heee) Pening lah jugak hokey. Bukan senang mahu cari seorang 'stranger' untuk dibuat pasangan bahagia till jannah ini. Aku taklah cerewet, tapi compatibility itu sangatlah penting bagi aku. (Kau tau ke compatibility itu macam mana montel oii -.-)

But apalah sangat knowledge aku tentang alam percintaan ini kan, i have no experience being in love. Mungkin itu jugak sebabnya, belum jumpa the right one. Macam mana nak tau dah jumpa the right one? Hah! kan pening tu. Mungkin kalau dah jumpa akan ada rasa kot. Rasa ape? Rasa sayang hoi rasa sayang sayang hey! HAHAHA..

Melalut sampai ke sudah. Tak sedar diri betul dah nak exam. Aku nak exam final dah ni. Doakan aku dan kawan2 seperjuangan lulus exam dan menjadi doktor yang selamat dan ikhlas berbakti buat ummah.

Contengan Bersih Sawang!

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie 3:19 AM

Hai blog :)

Lama tak jumpa awak.. hikhik (jadi abnormal sekali sekala menarik jugak :P)
Kesian sama awak kan.. bersawang sudah..nak buat macam mana, saya tuan punya kan, suka hati saya lah..HAHAHA..

Penat betul. Penat sangat. Haah. Penat BERSENAM ni hah. Aduhaii, ni apa kes pulak kan rajin bebeno bersenamnya. Almaklumlah, aku memang kenal sangatlah aku ni macam mana kan, dasar malas nak menggerakkan eh lemak-lemak yang ter'deposit' cantik punya ni! Blerghhh.. luga tekok wehh (bak kata orang teganu kitee)

Rupanya bersenam sangatlah addicting. Best woo rasa peluh melimpah ruah, melekit-lekit. Korang punye EWWW tu simpan kat bibir korang je ye. Kalau rasa tak boleh nak teruskn pembacaan, bolehlah beralih arah. Ni pun, aku bercakap sorang-sorang.

Nak tau kenapa? Sebab aku tengah stress jugak lah sekarang ini. Melihat kerenah orang2 tua ni (yang pencinta bahasa tu boleh simpan rasa concern pada bahasa tu dalam hati ye, sebab aku tak hirau pun gaya bahasa aku ni macam mana, aku kan freestyle gitu, ala-ala rebellious tapi taat je). Kembali semula pada karangan aku sebelumnya, melihat kerenah orang2 tua membuatkan aku takut untuk melangkah ke fasa baru. Takut yang amat. Entahlah, rumit sebenarnya apabila semakin tua ni. Perasaan pun makin mudah tercalar, mudah dicederai. Hmmm, aku ini nanti macam manalah agaknya.

Sebab aku jenis yang tak suka pada konflik. Kalau aku tak puas hati, most of the time, aku simpan saja dalam hati, tapi kepala, akal fikiran aku ligat membebel dan membuat pelbagai analisa (mesti korang pun banyak kali buat benda ni). Muka aku cepat betul kenampakan kalau aku tak puas hati. I am not a really good actress, tapi aku cuba lah jugak cover up.

Aku harap semuanya akan baik-baik sahaja.
Aku berdoa penghujungnya bahagia dan diredhai. Ececece, apakah ini? Ada apa2 rahsia kah? Biarlah rahsia~ HAHAHA..

Aduh. Sudah mula terasa ketegangan di quadriceps aku, bukti sekian lama tak bersenam, kemudian buat kerja spontan bersenam hari ini. Dahlah tak warming up pun. Padan muka aku yang chubbby dah comel ini. HAHAHA.. (Perasannya aku ni, takpelah, muka aku jugak, kalau aku tak puji, memang takdelah orang nak puji.. HEHEHE). Sekali sekala menggedik ini dapat jugak menghilangkan stress aku ini. 

Lepas ini, doakan aku tak pergi geledah dapur itu. Aku mengakui kecintaan aku pada si jejaka bernama MAKANAN sangatlah mendalam. Kalau tak rasa, tak cuba, memang resah gelisah hari itu.. HEHEHE.

BYE.. Sehingga ketemu lagi Mr Blog. 
(FYI, my blog is a HE. Orang gatal nak berpakwe tapi taknak yang realiti, nak yang maya saja :P)

because life is

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, March 24, 2015 3:16 PM

-Wardina Safiyyah-

Because we seek for happiness and joy all the time...
We want things to be fine and for us to get along...


Life will never be so.

Not everyone will agree,
Not everybody will see what you see,
Understand the way you do,
Care when you want too,
Worry about the same things that you do,

Life will never be so...

That our perspectives will be the same,
That the reasons behind our actions will be similar,
That our joy will be also joy to another.

Our joys seems annoying,
Our tears seem confronting,
Our shares seem destroying,
Our views are twisting...

So I comfort myself saying life will never be so...

Never perfect,
Never pleasing to all,
Never without faults,
Never without failures,
Never without mistakes,
Never without embarrassments,

Never without sins,
Never without wrongs,
Never without sadness,
Never without pain...
Never without grieve,
Never without worry...

So you see...

The mistake you see in me...
Is a mistake you have in you...

The mistake others make, we simply make it too...

Take it easy...

People are silly, people say things that are nasty...


People who do reflect...

They feel slightly uneasy,
They say sorry,

They try to improve...

They realize,
That truly life is temporary...

So don't waste time with issues that are petty,
Just focus and be the best you can be.

Forgive yourself AND also others,
Consider all your sisters and brothers,

Just simply move along,
Be strong,
Don't prolong,

Because sometimes things that matter don't matter...
And things that don't actually do..

IF you understand what I'm trying to tell you :)

end of IM

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Friday, March 13, 2015 11:26 AM

Salam alaykum guys :D
How are things going on for you guys?
Hope everybody is fine and cheery :D

I am not feeling very well as for today.
Anybody reading this, pray for my speedy recovery, will you?
Thanks a lot.
May ALLAH bless :)

new updates: we had finished our Internal Medicine round yesterday. Yay? 
As for me, I feel sad. The parting moment is getting closer.
Dah mula rasa sebak bila jalan2 pergi sekolah :(
Idk lah orang lain macam manaa..
Hahaha, padahal still got surgery round to be finished yet. 

Then, after end of special round chest exam, i went to tuition class.
There, Dr pulak cakap.. "You've now finished your IM round, then you are going to focus on surgery more, then, you'll finished the course and take your final exam, then you're going to graduate and become a doctor. I hope you become a good doctor. Work hard.

serius. time tu rasa nak nanges.
rasa sebak. doktor2 kat sini sangat ohsem.
since my first year till now.
saya doa (kawan2 aminkan eh) semoga ALLAH rahmati semua guru2 kita, berikan kepada mereka kekuatan untuk terus mendidik.

I pray that we will continue to be strong till the end.


Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Sunday, March 1, 2015 11:34 AM

Alhamdulillah sangat saya tak mengikuti perkembangan awak.
Ada hikmahnya. Sejahtera untuk hati saya.
Betapa tak selari pemikiran kita.
Tapi saya terima seadanya 'diversity' nya manusia yang ALLAH ciptakan.

Dan benar sekali kita tak mampu puaskan hati semua orang.
Alhamdulillah, saya yang begini adalah yang terbaik setakat ini.
My wish is to stay pure everyday. Be a better person each new day.

hahaha.. melalut apa malam malam ini.
entahlah. kalau boleh nak cakap, nak luah.. tapi xnak lah tambah dosa dengan cerita pada orang lain.
so alternatifnya adalah dengan menulis.

sampai sini saja.

my wish

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Sunday, January 25, 2015 11:17 AM

oi oi oi

tarik nafas, hembusssss..

lagi2.. tarik..hembusss..

ohmai. semput rasa membaca. bacabacabacabacacacabababa.. serabut kan?

oke oke oke..
Listen to this song. you.. yes you! definitely you :)

my wish - Rascal Flatts

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you wanna go,
And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile.
But more than anything, more than anything...

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

I hope you never look back, but you never forget,
All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
And always give more than you take.
But more than anything, yeah, more than anything...

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish. Yeah, yeah.

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish (my wish, for you).

This is my wish (my wish, for you)
I hope you know somebody loves you (my wish, for you).
May all your dreams stay big (my wish, for you).

I wish somebody wish this for me..
*wish lah soram2 meknis. hahaha