Whining here and there :P

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, September 22, 2012 8:59 PM

hey there :)

well, i am not doing anything special today. just lazying around at home, waiting till the time comes for me to go back to Egypt.. while others are in full spirit in their study! hmmm.. i am not studying back at home and this is terrible. i mean, the requirements for being a medical student is to always stick to the books! Right? in other way, you don't stop studying and take a long break. a little break, maybe. like you've been studying for hours and taking a little break ( a short nap..) is simply irresistible AND acceptable it is!

As for me, it has been a long break. 3 months without filling my head with medical stuffs, either revising the old subjects or seeking for new facts! THE WORST i've become! 

i bet everyone else is in high spirit for the new semester.. what's with all the updates in the group page~ Good for you all. For me, i need to restore all the energy needed for another fight, another long year to come, fourth year as a medical student to be more specific! Hopefully i can get through another year with peace and joy and succesfully.. amin :)

they have started with forensic toxicology.so, it's got to be related to corpse, death and what else? yet to find out... oh, another thing, hihihi *giggle* i am completely ensnared with this new malay drama; ADAM & HAWA, i get to watch Aaronnn!! and nadia neesa's (is this the correct spelling?) acting ade umph! She fits the role :) i have already read the novel and have one. i have always admire Aisya Sofea, the novelist, and i have never missed buying her novels before. but after i went to Egypt, i kind of lose some interest in malay novels.. regardless of that, i still love her writing. that's the reason why my music background is this song.. OST Adam & Hawa = Muara Hati = nice isn't it? hehehe

what goes around, comes around.
what you give, you get back.

well, just reflecting. reflecting upon yourself is monumental to cultivate a better, more refined person in you :)

p/s: i still remember my promise. will update about it soon :)
p/ss: update lah new episode cepat2!! grrr!!

sense of time

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Thursday, September 6, 2012 8:03 AM

Baru selesai intai-intai balik status2 lama di FB. *tarik nafas panjang* tersedar, betapa tak maturednye saya dulu. too childish~ hmmm..
rasa macam sekarang lebih 'lembut' dari dulu.. hehehe :)

seriously, when i read back all my comments, rasa macam nak sembunyi bawah katil~
kasar sangat!
so, i would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my friends ( mana2 komen yang harsh, ada tersinggung atau terkecil hati ke).

i've got only 23 days left before i depart for egypt :( sedih nak tinggalkan family, especially, my baby girl, Aisyah. Well, takpelah, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Yelah tu~ :) InsyaALLAH, kalau panjang umur masih boleh bertemu lagi. 
[Achik; you pulak, the bestest bestie, sissy :P] , so, takyah lah jeles ngan adik eyh..

Year 2013, i officially will be a fourth year medical student. Rasa macam baru semalam berkumpul di KLIA untuk my first departure to Egypt. Tahun depan dah masuk tahun klinikal. Tinggal 3 years / 2 years and a half for me to finish my study. I still can't believe that i hold this title as 'a medical student'. Hopefully, i can be a SAFE doctor, a good one, and lurking in the back of my mind is to be the genius one :P in the future insyaALLAH.

Tahun ini ramai senior, junior complete half of their deen :) Yelah, masing2 dah bertemu jodoh masing2. Mabruk alaikum, Barakallahulakum till Jannah. Saya? Tak tahulah~
Dalam hati memang gatal bukan main :P Rasanya tak salah pun untuk saya fikir soal ini kan? Hey, i'll be turning 22 next year. Sesetengah orang memang anggap masih mudalah nak fikir soal nikah ini. Vice versa untuk saya. I don't want to marry late. Abah dan adik pun cakap orang perempuan eloknya kahwin awal :) Kita boleh merancang, tapi ALLAH yang menetapkan. Maybe, i don't live that long to be married, or maybe i am marrying late, not the latter i hope :P 

For year 2013, i set a few rules for myself to be followed, as a guideline throughout the whole year, in order to accomplish my mission. FOCUS, FOCUS, and FOCUS! haah, temanya fokus. Berdasarkan tahun lepas punya muhasabah, i lose focus due to some matter. So, tahun ini, FOKUS kene 100 percent lah. insyaALLAH.. plus other necessary effort for success. Being hardworking, proper eating, sleeping, exercising ( kene lose weight yang 4 kali ganda naik setiap kali balik malaysia :P).

i'll just leave you with this quote from Sis Yasmin Mogahed :)

'' Turn every fall into a rise, by refusing to be conquered. Refuse to let despair win. Let nothing own you but God. That's where hope never dies. No matter where you are, or where you've been...that's where hope never dies. ''

nota i : saya tau tajuk tak related langsung dengan post dibawah. do i even care? nope! :P

Every moment you have a choice, regardless of what has happened before =)

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie 1:22 AM

Everything you know is based on what has already happened in your life. And yet, your only influence right now is over things that have not yet happened. The things that have already happened have gotten you to where you are right now. What you need to be concerned with, however, is where to go from here.

Because you're so intimately familiar with your own past, it may seem that you have no choice but to continue moving in the same direction as before. But that is not true. Your future does not equal your past. Right now, there are infinite number of paths which you can take. The one you're currently on is only one of them. Any of the rest are available to you.

If you're completely satisfied with where you're going, then by all means, keep on going that way. But there is no reason in the world why you have to keep following that same path if it is not bringing you full and lasting fulfillment. 

Every moment you have a choice, regardless of what has happened before. Choose right now to move forward, positively and confidently into your incredible future.


I know you're having a hard time right now. And i deeply regret myself of not being able to be by your side, to console you and to motivate you. i feel responsible for you. i can't stand watching you 'suffering' from afar. well, this 'suffering' that you are going through is a test of faith. It is part of life and it comes in many shapes and ways :) Believe in ALLAH that puts you through this, He is there for you, for me, and you are going to make it. i believe in you, so you got to believe in yourself!

So, be strong! for yourself, for the future that awaits :)
I love you, always and always will..