lama tak update! heh.

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Thursday, April 21, 2016 11:23 PM


LONG TIME NO SEE. Ahhhh.. Rindunya mahu mengarut sengsorang. Biarlah ada orang baca(atau tidak sebenarnya), because this is one of the medium for me to get crazy untuk kesekian kalinya.

So, what's new?
1. I have graduated from medical school! Yey. Can't believe I've made it this far. Jadi sekarang, kerjanya saya jaga pokok bunga ros emak di rumah. Setakat ini masih hidup lagi. Tapi mungkin, mungkin lah bakal menyusuli pasu tepi yang dah kekeringan. Ha ha. Tangan saya tak hijau, nak buat macam mana. (Tapi saya siram saja ek)

2. I'm missing Egypt right now. I miss going to university, sitting and hearing lectures. I miss pillow-talking with my best buddy. I miss gossips sessions with the girls. I am bored sitting alone at home. Of course I have house chores to tend to, adik-adik yang bakal exam tahun ini which requires me to pay particular attention.

3. And, last but not likely least, today is your birthday! Happy Bornday Nur Hazirah Mohd Azlan. You are truly a gem. :) My partner in crime. Thank you for being my bestest friend. I learn a lot from you. I will always pray for your success, your happiness. Semoga cepat bertemu jodoh, cepat dapat kerja, berjaya dalam segala yang kau impikan. :') Thank you for being you. 


Is it hard to be in a long distance relationship?
Why and why would you choose to be in one?
But sometimes you can't help it.
Your job, your career needs you to be apart from each other.
Is it possible to keep the love alive when you are far away from each other?
What with the hectic schedule. 
Then it all comes down to understanding and trust.
Then, it is the same as what you have said before..
If the trust is strong in each other, then isn't that is the greatest love.