Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, May 14, 2016 3:17 AM

Saya sayang emak.
Untuk emak, saya mahu berbuat apa pun.
I wish the best of all this world could give.
Then I become greedier.
I want you to be happy here and hereafter.

Terima kasih emak untuk segalanya.
Thank you for opening up to me.
Thank you for crying and showing me your weak side.
You remind me over and over again
that this world is not easy to live in.
That there are peope who hates you and there are fake people.
Thank you for always cooking for us.

I want to be able to treat you when I become a doctor.
Am I failing to do just that?
I want you to keep being healthy and can play with your grandchildren.
I never wanted you to leave me.
Because you are my safe harbor.

If I have you, I even thought that it is fine if I do not get married.
Because I want to keep taking care of you.
But am I already doing a lousy job at that?

Emak, thank you for always forgiving us.
Thank you for taking care of us.
And now it is time for us to take care of you.
I love you mom, forever and always

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Monday, May 9, 2016 3:29 AM

There is nothing lost in apologizing. 
It makes us realize how important the other person in our life is and that we are willing to give up anything to make them happy.
Even after that they don't realize and be stubborn, we can't change them but we can change ourselves to be a better person.

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Thursday, May 5, 2016 7:43 AM

You make lists in your head about what you want in a lover, like brown hair, blue eyes and a sweet voice. A sharp mind and a soft heart, a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh like you mean it. This and that.

And it's all bullshit. Complete bullshit. Because people aren't lists. At all. 
And I've always wanted to be the person who made someone realize that.
I want to come across someone with a list in their head that is nothing like the person I am, and I want to show them what they didn't even know they even looking for. 
People who think they know what they want are just fooling themselves. 
Nobody really knows what or who they want. Not until it's right in front of them.

- Marianna Paige