Whining here and there :P

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, September 22, 2012 8:59 PM

hey there :)

well, i am not doing anything special today. just lazying around at home, waiting till the time comes for me to go back to Egypt.. while others are in full spirit in their study! hmmm.. i am not studying back at home and this is terrible. i mean, the requirements for being a medical student is to always stick to the books! Right? in other way, you don't stop studying and take a long break. a little break, maybe. like you've been studying for hours and taking a little break ( a short nap..) is simply irresistible AND acceptable it is!

As for me, it has been a long break. 3 months without filling my head with medical stuffs, either revising the old subjects or seeking for new facts! THE WORST i've become! 

i bet everyone else is in high spirit for the new semester.. what's with all the updates in the group page~ Good for you all. For me, i need to restore all the energy needed for another fight, another long year to come, fourth year as a medical student to be more specific! Hopefully i can get through another year with peace and joy and succesfully.. amin :)

they have started with forensic toxicology.so, it's got to be related to corpse, death and what else? yet to find out... oh, another thing, hihihi *giggle* i am completely ensnared with this new malay drama; ADAM & HAWA, i get to watch Aaronnn!! and nadia neesa's (is this the correct spelling?) acting ade umph! She fits the role :) i have already read the novel and have one. i have always admire Aisya Sofea, the novelist, and i have never missed buying her novels before. but after i went to Egypt, i kind of lose some interest in malay novels.. regardless of that, i still love her writing. that's the reason why my music background is this song.. OST Adam & Hawa = Muara Hati = nice isn't it? hehehe

what goes around, comes around.
what you give, you get back.

well, just reflecting. reflecting upon yourself is monumental to cultivate a better, more refined person in you :)

p/s: i still remember my promise. will update about it soon :)
p/ss: update lah new episode cepat2!! grrr!!

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