egypt; post-arrival~

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Thursday, October 11, 2012 8:58 AM

peace to all :)

finally.. i'm back in egypt. it's already my eleventh day over here. Post-arriving, i'm experiencing my first homesick feeling, and it is really terrible. i felt so lonely, i don't know how to describe it.. yeah, i know i still got my bro with me, but it just won't go away.. i kept picturing my parent's face and my bibigurl :( she once asked me why did i have to study so far? duduk aje dekat UNISZA which is very near to our house. i just laughed and said.. i've gone this far. i'm not going to stop halfway. it's okay, absence make the heart grow fonder.. duduk lama2 kat malaysia, asyik gaduh aje pulak..

true. that is my first time.experiencing homesick~

maybe the excitement of first time travelling abroad override other feelings :) and as the time passed, and i am already in my fourth year, i come to really appreciate the presence of my family. when it's time to go back, it is very hard to leave them. But, that is the price that i have to pay~ and mama abah i would do well for this year.

okayyy.. i am still adjusting.. there are so many things to be done. i plan to settle all the problems as soon as possible, what with the house, renewing my visa, taking money from the bank, buying all the stuffs for the room, calling ammu to repair all the new damage recently arise.. and to catch up with the syllabus. i've got plenty of leisure time actually as our classes mostly start at 12 oclock in the afternoon and finish at 2 p.m. i just don't know where to start plus i am lazy. haha.. 

what else? hmmm.. i made myself to sit in front in every class so that i can be more focus and i force myself not to sleep in class.. cuma tadi, terkatup sebentar (because i eat a lot in the morning :P) thank you arif for all the tips. thank you for being with me at hard times. listening to my sobsobs, offering advice (though i've to push you for that), calling me just to ask how my day went :) only ALLAH can rewards you for your kindness.. now, i'm fine and feeling good as ever, alhamdulillah :)

so, that's all for now.
i'll just leave you with this saying..

"A change in behaviour begins with a change in the heart"



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