Picnic & Gathering 2.0

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Saturday, October 13, 2012 3:00 PM

Alhamdulillah for today :)
i really had a great fun at Hadiqah Al-Azhar.. Jazakunnallahu khair akhawati (awkward a little bit to say it, yelah, dah lama tinggal and already getting used to say thank you millions times buddy :P ) anyway, today's fun was unforgettable, and it left deep impression in my heart. Just like the emcee has said before, we hope to gather like this again in Jannah.. I felt like crying :( huhuhu... InsyaALLAH.. I love all of you lillah.

We gathered because of Him, we love and we hate because of Him, and only for Him. Suddenly, i remembered home. i remembered my mother, father, adik2.. and i am really thankful to Allah because i was born in that family, i was raised by my parent and not 'others' (bukan mak ayah yg lain) and i hope to be anak solehah, which is of great valuable asset for my parent, insyaALLAH. (mahu jadi tiket untuk mak ayah masuk syurga)

What are the lessons learnt today?
AHHH.. i forget to mention the theme;  Protect The Ukhuwwah, Grow The Fikrah (P&G).. it also stands for Picnic and Gathering 2.0 :)

1) the chosen ayah for today's gathering is Surah Al-Anfaal, verse 63. okay peeps, open your quran, read it and make some tadabbur. it is awesome! how ALLAH The Almighty describes to us that only ALLAH can unite our heart and had we spent all that is in the earth ( bygkn semua yg ade kat bumi, uncountable kot.. subhanallah), we could not have done it but ALLAH.. ALLAH is the only one who has the power to change people's heart and to make us stand as one :)

2) love and hate someone because of ALLAH. if you hate, hate the bad deeds, not the person him/herself. Nobody is flawless. we all make mistakes in life, learn to forgive and to accept someone just the way they are. I too am not the best person to comment on this matter, because i too sometimes get carried away with my feelings and let it get the better of me... tapi,mujahadahlah dengan diri sendiri.. istighfar bnyak2 when you have hasad dengki or perasaan mazmumah lain dalam hati towards other people (contoh, feel superior, better, way more beautiful, way more soleh/solehah than others, stingy, annoyed dengan orang lain for no reason and etc).. beware! 

3) Appreciate the tie of ukhuwwah (especially ukhuwwah defined by faith) :) Nurture your love towards your usrahmates, friends, family, society and treat them with full love and care.. (this one also, no full comment..) Just walk the talk okay?? :))

Always tajdid niyyah lillah only.. and make istighfar a lot for all the mistakes done, and also always pray for ALLAH's forgiveness :)

p/s: for all my childish mistakes i am sorry, people may think i am strong and brave, but only the closest ones know how vulnerable this human being is :')

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