because life is

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, March 24, 2015 3:16 PM

-Wardina Safiyyah-

Because we seek for happiness and joy all the time...
We want things to be fine and for us to get along...


Life will never be so.

Not everyone will agree,
Not everybody will see what you see,
Understand the way you do,
Care when you want too,
Worry about the same things that you do,

Life will never be so...

That our perspectives will be the same,
That the reasons behind our actions will be similar,
That our joy will be also joy to another.

Our joys seems annoying,
Our tears seem confronting,
Our shares seem destroying,
Our views are twisting...

So I comfort myself saying life will never be so...

Never perfect,
Never pleasing to all,
Never without faults,
Never without failures,
Never without mistakes,
Never without embarrassments,

Never without sins,
Never without wrongs,
Never without sadness,
Never without pain...
Never without grieve,
Never without worry...

So you see...

The mistake you see in me...
Is a mistake you have in you...

The mistake others make, we simply make it too...

Take it easy...

People are silly, people say things that are nasty...


People who do reflect...

They feel slightly uneasy,
They say sorry,

They try to improve...

They realize,
That truly life is temporary...

So don't waste time with issues that are petty,
Just focus and be the best you can be.

Forgive yourself AND also others,
Consider all your sisters and brothers,

Just simply move along,
Be strong,
Don't prolong,

Because sometimes things that matter don't matter...
And things that don't actually do..

IF you understand what I'm trying to tell you :)

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