end of IM

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Friday, March 13, 2015 11:26 AM

Salam alaykum guys :D
How are things going on for you guys?
Hope everybody is fine and cheery :D

I am not feeling very well as for today.
Anybody reading this, pray for my speedy recovery, will you?
Thanks a lot.
May ALLAH bless :)

new updates: we had finished our Internal Medicine round yesterday. Yay? 
As for me, I feel sad. The parting moment is getting closer.
Dah mula rasa sebak bila jalan2 pergi sekolah :(
Idk lah orang lain macam manaa..
Hahaha, padahal still got surgery round to be finished yet. 

Then, after end of special round chest exam, i went to tuition class.
There, Dr pulak cakap.. "You've now finished your IM round, then you are going to focus on surgery more, then, you'll finished the course and take your final exam, then you're going to graduate and become a doctor. I hope you become a good doctor. Work hard.

serius. time tu rasa nak nanges.
rasa sebak. doktor2 kat sini sangat ohsem.
since my first year till now.
saya doa (kawan2 aminkan eh) semoga ALLAH rahmati semua guru2 kita, berikan kepada mereka kekuatan untuk terus mendidik.

I pray that we will continue to be strong till the end.

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