prattle-twadle-chatter 1.0

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, December 29, 2015 8:55 AM

The most mind-boggling activity I've always engaged with is trying to figure out what's in one's mind. It is very tiring and a complete waste of time. I am fully aware of the stupidity of my action but I can't help myself. It is just in my nature. 

Once I am preoccupied with a thing, it stays with me till I decided to move on to other things much entertaining. This poses big problem for me as I am kind of paralyzed during this period. I will just keep my focus on that one thing. I was unable to engage with other fun activities (like studying! yeah, right).

The most fearsome thought I've ever had is that actually I am a person with different faces. Although it is true to the core (isn't it a fact that human is of different faces), it is still frightening. It feels as if you are not living as honest as you can be. But that is the essence of being a human. We actually put on different masks every day in our lives accordingly. I always wonder which one is my truest self. 

#the writer is currently contemplating herself.
#please make duaa for the writer so that she can gather herself back.
#the writer dreams of becoming masterful in her writing but she seems to think that everything is going down the drain now, please cheer her up! (lol) *exaggerate much!
#the writer has a knack for making up new nickname for herself, she elegantly dubs herself as autumn kind *smirks prettily*

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