Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Wednesday, January 27, 2016 2:45 AM

Write when it rains
Write when it shines
Write on a restaurant's table mat after a boozy dinner
Write in your old book, that you know you will never read again

Write when your tears can't fall
Write when your life feels like you are rolling a boulder up a hill
Write when you want to feel, but instead you swim in emptiness
Write when your fingers are about to fall from exhaustion

Write when you find your first grey hair
Write when you are alone and trapped by your restless thoughts
Write when you are surrounded by many, yet you feel lonely

Write, Write, Write...

Write because it is the only expression of your free will
Write because it is free, because we were all born to write
Write because it takes ink and a paper and that's about it
And if there's no ink,
write with your tears, your swear, your blood

Write with your finger on the bathroom mirror after a hot shower
Write as if it's your only way out of yourself and into yourself
Write one word, write a poem, write a story, write @#$%*$#, doodle a heart, an orange

Write what others have written
Write so no one can understand, not even you
Write because you were born to do so
Write because it is your voice that the world needs to hear
Not only hear, but read; for it needs to be printed for your children and your children's children to know you; unabashingly you, shamelessly you, beautiful you

Jessica Semaan

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