welcome to my hut :P

Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Sunday, March 10, 2013 12:35 PM

Salamun alaikum :) and hye there ^^

okay, let's just have fun today.. why not kan? once in a while.. break the tension.. :D

Erkk,  do remember that you've got only around 2 weeks to prepare for ophthalmology end round exam! okay okay.. urhh.. takkan lupa nye lah...

Tension ke? tensi tensi tensi..
don't knowlah.. tiba-tiba aje nak tensi, nak buat macam mana.. perempuan dan tensi tu dah macam irama dan lagu, tau?! heh3..

today i just want to fool around! yeay3!! i have read all the stories i want ( heart-wrenching stories T_T sobs3.. exaggerated kan?? ), repeatedly listening to all my favourite songs (well, what do you expect, mestilah lagu blues @,@ ), bukak buku (hmm.. sounds alien~~ heh) , manjakan diri :) ( compulsory things what for women.. of my age? apakah? am not a woman yet, still that silly, sometimes uptight girl, haha)

today, i just want to give some time for myself. To reflect back. Step back for a while, to see where i am going, what have i done, what i desire and want most, what i need to do, and the list goes on...

Does it sounds complicated? well, i rarely do that, comtemplating my actions or whatever it is.. mostly, i act based on my insticts.. (i did some thinking jugaklah.. tapi most of the time, my feelings overtake my conscience. )
Esok nak kena present for toxic, tapi tak prepare apa2 pon lagi ni (memang lah dasar suka tangguhkan kerja!) . Buku dah ada kat tepi dah nii.. haihhh -.-

Ade satu secret. Nak tau tak? heee..
In my class, there is this arabic guy ( tak taulah foreigner ke local. heh2 ). His name is Mustafa (tak taulah nama dia eja macam mana kann.. ni me lah yang eja.) My friend claims that he somehow looks like that handsome Fatih Seferagic.. haha. I don't exactly notice him in class (okay, notice je, tapi, sebelah mata je lah kann.. :P) , tapi, after that friend of mine told me about him.. haha.. i just can't take my eyes off.. haha (okayyy, ni memang exaggerate betul! not to that extent, but i give him the creditlah.. hah ) tak tsiqah betul! Astaghfirullah..

okay okay. let us stop here. Lagi banyak melalut, lagi kurang pahala, tambah dosa. mana tahu kan.. :(

i will just leave you with this quote " If you want to know where your heart is.. look where your mind goes when it wanders.. "

p/s: terasa gila dengan quote ni. huhu.. (taulah saya suka berangan..)
p/ss: my adik beli tudung baru. Ni yang nak jelez ni, takpe2, nanti balik, i pinjam ye :P
p/sss: Wait for my next post. I am thinking of writing about preSTEP II (When MECCA meets Medina ) :)

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secretodlova Says:

i'll be waiting for that next post dear!
Rindu jiran lama lah..