Posted by Mademoiselle Sophie , Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:54 AM

salam alaikum everyone ^^ 

how's life going on? 
Hopefully eberibodi is in good spirit and always always be positive! 

wow wow..  i don't know what to write actually but i'm just feeling a little bit giddy right this moment. Haha :D


JOM all-out for a better Malaysia, a better place to 'grow our future kids' .aha! :P 
i am deadly serious about this matter, okay? :)

@ I'm not a critical thinker. i learn to be one. this is all what i can do. pray! pray! pray! well, what i really want to say is that i don't know how to further elaborate about #GE13 . yeah, partly because i don't really read much, understand any, ( maybe a little bit ). =.=
but lets get the fact straight, we really are in need of a 'change'.

okay guys/girls. JOM kita all-out masak harini! 

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